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Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Spirometry


    Spirometry is used to measure lung volumes and capacities as well as air flows in the lungs and bronchi in different phases of the respiratory cycle. Spirometry enables to determine the reserves of ventilation in respiratory system. The spirometer CPFS/D MedGraphics allows the measurement of SVC, FVC and MVV, as well as pre-post evaluation. The system implements the ATS and ERS standards for accuracy and repeatability. The software allows to perform full spirometry, the assessment of provocative tests as well as evaluates respiratory flow curve.

  • Body Plethysmography

    The Elite Platinum DX Body plethysmograph with the analysis of diffusion and lung volumes with washout method provides a complete set of diagnostic tests, including the resistance of the airways and total lung capacity, which enables precise examination of the patient. The system is equipped with an automatic control of the reliability and accuracy of the spirometric tests according to ERS/ATS recommendations. Construction of the equipment also allows to perform full spirometry, evaluation of diffusion and TGV (thoracic gas volume) in patients in a wheelchair (without leaving the wheelchair) and in children. The device enables the evaluation of TLC (total lung capacity), DLCO (diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide), Raw (airway resistance), flow curves, curves of respiratory flow and maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressures, as well as provocation tests.