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Analysis of motor function

BTS Smart DX 7000 is a system for comprehensive analysis of body movement. The system consists of 8 TVC cameras, emitting IR radiation with a frequency of 500Hz at maximum resolution. The cameras detect markers in “blob” technology in the gray scale (areas of similar intensity) and allow the measurement of movement under difficult lighting conditions (for example: full sunlight, lack of full artificial lighting).

Data recorded by the camera are collected and analyzed using specialized software, allowing:
– automatic tracking of data during the study,
– the complete synchronization of kinematic data, kinetic data, EMG signal and the video image,
– the ability to export collected data in accessible formats for statistical analysis,
– automatic calculation of the input parameters based on the particular protocol,
– registration of kinematic data and analog signal,
– graphical presentation of data in real time,
– 3D reconstruction and automatic tracking of markers,
– visualization and editing of markers position.

The analysis is non-invasive, since markers are placed on the patient skin with a proper tape. The system can be used outdoors.

The data are used to:
– evaluate of the patient movement,
– determine the degree of dysfunction,
– plan the treatment,
– plan the training,
– evaluate the effectiveness of training or the therapeutic process.


BTS Smart


H/P Cosmos Mercury Med 4.0 Gaitway IIS (with video cameras for gait analysis) allows kinetic analysis of movement as well as assessment of ground reaction forces with dynamographic platforms.

The device contains Kistler pressure plates, which are applied in research analysis of movement, in the clinical setting and sports.

The treadmill is useful for athletes and patients providing a stable gait. Moreover, Gaitway software collects data from pressure sensors located on a treadmill, separates the left and right footprint, draws results and allows the user to print and export data. The measurements allow to calculate the vertical pressure, displacement of the Center of Pressure (COP) and instantaneous (time dependent) movement parameters.