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Posturography is based on the registration of compensatory movements that are performed during erect posture. The study provides an objective assessment of the balance system in static and dynamic conditions. Components of the balance system: visual control, vestibular system and proprioception are tested simultaneously. Posturography in DynamoLab is performed with:

  • Zebris FDM-THQ treadmill (based on H/P/Cosmos Quasar Med) with video cameras – it is a comprehensive device for objective assessment and training of gait and posture in static and dynamic conditions, by using a matrix of baroresistive sensors, to analyze the distribution of load during locomotion and statics. Treadmill with integrated matrix, containing more than 10 000 sensors, creates about 135×55 cm of measurement area, under the transmission belt. The static module allows analysis of the distribution of foot pressure while standing, whereas the dynamic module allows analysis of the distribution of foot pressure during walking or running on a platform and an analysis of the various phases of gait.

    Zebris FDM-THQ treadmill Posturography

  •  ACCUPOWER– dynamographic platform to assess ground reaction forces in a functional conditions, which gives the opportunity to evaluate the displacement of the center of gravity.ACCUPOWER