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Dynamometer PRIMUS RS enables the assessment and training of coordination and muscle strength. We can apply:
– isometric work,
– isotonic work (concentric and eccentric),
– isokinetic work (concentric and eccentric).

The system allows an objective evaluation of the speed and strength of the most common functional activities. Passive motion can be also performed with PRIMUS RS. Dynamometer is provided with a scale, in order to obtain repetitive device settings for the purpose of research.

The system provides:
– the report of the patient progress on the basis of the examination,
– precise adjustment of the parameters associated with tested or trained movement, including a measurement of the body segment weight, for the calculation of dynamic motion parameters,
– reports based on the comparative parameters of different examinations (for example: assessment of progress, evaluation of left and right limb), with normative data for each age group and sex,
– biofeedback during the exercise, in order to optimize results,
– possibility to change the preset load during rehabilitation.