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System Ultima CardiO2 PFX with 12 channels wireless ECG Mortara enables assessment of pulmonary function with spirometry, evaluation of lung volumes and diffusion with N2 washout method. It also serves to assess the resting and exercise metabolism by assessing O2 and CO2 breath by breath.

DynamoLab also has an integrated mobile ergospirometric devices CPX Express, with the possibility to control treadmills and cykloergometers, as well as portable ergospirometers
VO2000 to measure the maximum oxygen consumption VO2MAX. The ergospirometer VO2000 meets current needs and requirements of sporting environments, but is also applicable for rehabilitation purposes and evaluation of nutrition. The device due to its weight and size is completely mobile. Actual metabolic response to physical activity can be measured with telemetry.

In order to carry out ergospirometric examinations, DynamoLab also uses:

  • Trackmaster TMX425CP treadmill
  • EXCALIBUR Sport cycloergometer – equipment for diagnostics and training able to measure force on each pedal (PFM) and speed to 180 rpm at constant load up to 1500W and to 2500W at peak
  • Corival cykloergometer with fast positioning, adapted also for children
  • Angio Arm cykloergometer for exercise of upper limbs – mounted on the wall, with the possibility to adjust the height.

    Ultima CardiO2 PFX
    ergospirometer  cykloergometers